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Building a Pendulum Snake

I've built a pendulum snake (AKA a pendulum wave). I was always intrigued by this type of demonstration and decided to finally figure out what's going on there and build my own compact version.

I saw many designs with just a horizontal pendulum holder and the pendulum are adjusted to have different heights (this for example), however I wanted to design my version so that when precisely tuned, all pendulums are the same height from the base. In order to do so I did some math and designed the pendulum holder accordingly.

Here you can find the plans and templates

This is the spreadsheet I used to calculate the strings lengths

For the 3D printable adjustment screw cap, go to my thingiverse page

If you built one, let me know!

If you're not into building and still want one, here are affiliate links to similar products you can buy (I have not tried them)

Amazon links:

ebay links:

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